My 16-year-old cat, Holly, has lung cancer. This blog is mostly about her.

There’s more about Holly (and my other cat, Thunder) in this post.


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  1. Laura W.

    Hey, I’m glad you wrote the blog. :) My sweet cat crashed Tues. last week. He lost about 1 lb, mostly muscle, within 2 mos. although this only became apparent after a hard landing from jumping down off my bed. I thought he hurt his leg, but vet found high calcium level, compared to normal level in June. He was dehydrated and wouldn’t eat, so needed 3 sub-cut fluid treatments Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Vet put him on combo of carafate and pepsid, to help soothe his tummy, and a Nutri Cal supplement so he’s rebounded a bit. The tastier wet food like Meow mix tuna tender favorites and Fancy Feast fish appetizers helped too! His cancer was seen on the film vet took Fri, and I’m caring for him as best I can here at home. On prednisolone too, and I crush it, put in dropper with about 2 mL water, as its 2x per day. Actually, all his meds go down that way. But I’ve been alternating where I administer them, as initially he would start to react and I was afraid he’d resist the “evil chair” so now when it’s meds time I give to him wherever he is. And since it’s just in water, he hardly resists or notices, and doesn’t sulk by hiding afterward, like he did before. His 17th birthday is next month, so we’ll see how it goes these next few days.

    1. Laura Post author

      I’m really sorry you’re going through this (and also that it took me so long to notice this comment). I hope your cat is doing better now. And I know exactly what you mean about the “evil chair”.

  2. Maria P

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much for posting this blog. 2 weeks ago, my cat started wheezing while purring. I took him immediately to the vet. They found no signs of infection. So they did an x-ray, and they found a dark mass. We don’t know what it is yet, but after 11 days of antibiotics with no improvement, we are fearing the worst. We took another set of x-rays, and there is much more fluid in the lungs and the same dark mass is still there.

    Anyway, I’ve been scouring the Internet, as I normally do. I found your blog, and it has been very comforting. So, I just wanted to say thank you for this.


  3. Anonymous

    Just wanted to say I know how much you miss Holly. I just lost my 12 year old cat Sheba last Friday to cancer in her lungs. I don’t think I have ever hurt so much. It’s good to know someone cares as much about their pets as I do. I still question if I did the right thing by having Sheba put to sleep. She purred up a storm all the way to the end. She was also a diabetic and the vet also said she mild cardiomyopathy. We have another car Raven who has cancer – hers is being treated with chemo, but is terminal. It was wrapped around her larynx.Thank you for caring for Holly and Thunder.

  4. I miss him terribly

    Thanks so much for posting. We lost one of our boys yesterday. Vincent was a big blue British and was such a beautiful little character as they all really are. He was diagnosed with arthritis in his elbows and it progressed to his back legs but was never x-rayed by our vet at the time. As the years went on he progressively struggled more, especially during the winters. He was on numerous meds for it. Just recently his right pupil dilated and his eye swelled. This was caused by a benign tumour blocking the internal drain in the eye resulting in his eye being removed. He bounced back from this and was finally free from the migraine like pain caused by the swollen eye. Unfortunately this was short-lived and he then went down hill in the space of two weeks with very similar symptoms, seeking out a dark quite place, off his food and water. The new vet we found when he had the eye problem came out numerous times to see him and asked to see his arthritis x rays which were never taken. So these were done and they revealed that the arthritis was well into his spine with one particular disc completely clacified and it also showed one of his lungs was full of fluid and a large mass was clearly evident. A biopsy of the fluid revealed it was cancer and we decided that it was best to bring him back home. The initial vet home visit was at 2pm and Vincent was gone before 5pm. He has crossed the rainbow bridge. Its all so raw at the moment i can’t bear it..


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