Today was a good day in Holly-land:

  • Her morning dose of medicine annoyed her but didn’t traumatize her.
  • Aside from a couple hours spent hiding in the closet immediately after her morning drugs, she spent the whole day doing normal cat activities: window-sitting, couch-sitting, lap-sitting, and even a little catnip-sniffing.
  • Since she got sick, the only things I’ve been able to get her to eat are Hill’s a/d and Whiskas Temptations. This morning, she suddenly decided she wanted some regular cat food.
  • Remember how sad I was that Thunder had stopped grooming her? They had two full-fledged grooming sessions today.
  • Tonight I had to give her all three medications. I managed to get most of them inside her. She glared at me for awhile afterwards, but then instead of hiding in the closet, she demanded a snack and ate real cat food for the second time today.

Holly (and Thunder) eating regular cat food tonight


6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. theresa

    Hopefully giving her the medications will continue to get easier as you both get used to the routine.

    It must have been really disturbing when she rejected what you’ve been feeding her every day for years. It’s great that she’s showing interest in her regular food!

    1. Laura Post author

      Thunder is a very picky eater (and his tastes change frequently), but other than a few foods that neither cat will eat, this is actually the first time that I can remember in the fifteen years that I’ve had her that she’s expressed a preference for one food over another. When she stopped eating, the obvious thing to try was tempting her with her favorite food — but she’d normally eat anything, so I had no idea what her favorite was.

  2. Hippie Cahier

    Here’s wishing many, many more good days.

    It’s not that I intentionally choose to be a “dog person;” it’s just that’s more my frame of reference. I don’t know much about cats, but I can say that she is quite beautiful in these pictures.

    1. Laura Post author

      Thanks — the last couple days have been pretty good. And you’re right — in my completely objective opinion, she is an extremely beautiful cat.

  3. Amy

    Next time, try pill pockets. Get the ones from the vet that are claylike and formable. Pinch off only enough needed to cover the pill and shape it into a tiny ball. Open their mouth and put at back of throat. Hold mouth closed while caressing their throat with light to medium pressure to initiate swallowing. Although still not a fun process, they will never again foam at the mouth.


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